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What We Do


Prescott  Studios is a professional recording studio located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

Clients have access to a variety of services such as recording, mixing, producing, mastering, audition recording, photography,  and video.


David Prescott is an engineer, musician, and producer who has worked on countless albums and recording projects over the years.

What Makes Us Different


From the moment you walk in through the door, you'll notice Prescott Studios is something special. Creativity and inspiration are abundant in this wonderfully musical studio. 

But what really sets us apart is how passionate we are about what we do. We care greatly about every session and project. The atmosphere in the studio is always fun and positive, and we strive to deliver an exceptional product and experience.

The Gear


The studios consists of some of the finest and most musical equipment averrable. 

The studio utilizes Avid's Pro Tools Native and has an amazing number of high quality hardware and software components. 

The i/o is the top of the line Lynx Aurora N series which is the most musical i/o available on the planet. Additionally, the studio has high quality outboard preamps, eq's, dynamic processors, microphones and musical instruments. 

It was back in the early '80s when David Prescott found his love and passion for audio engineering. After graduating from college in 1982 with a degree in Music Performance David moved back to his hometown of Redwood City, California where he worked for a short stint as a teaching assistant before diving into the music business and recording. 

David's started off on learning his craft using a Teac 3340S reel to reel tape machine. 


David became a mainstay in the San Francisco bay area music scene. While always working on his own music, he worked in the music industry which allowed him to build relationships with many of the local studios. He always had a burning desire to learn and witness what the pros really were doing and why their recordings sounded better in comparison to lessor studios.

Teac 3340S

What he found is that it's usually obvious when something is going to be a hit.  Sitting in sessions with Journey, Jefferson Starship, Santana, and Fleetwood Mac you could just feel when something was special. 


In the early 90's David moved to Woodland Hills in southern California. It was the first time he had a dedicated space for his studio. It wasn't much but it did have a control room and a tracking room, complete with talkback. This was also the first time David had a sixteen channel reel to reel tape deck using a Fostex E-16. During this time David was crossing studio paths with people like Nuno Bettencourt from extreme and Ozzy Osbourne.  

For the next few years David primarily worked at producing, composing and even ghost writing for a number of artists. However he took a break for the industry for a few years and worked in the computer industry as a Vice President of a Fortune 100 Company. ( 

The only thing this break acomplished was turing David back to the music industry, especially producing and engineering. 

In 2012 David made the decision to open a recording studio. After scouring the country a location was found just outside of Washington, DC. This would be the first Prescott Studios. The studio was well received in the area and went on to work with some talented folks including Dru Hill,  Deezle - Lil Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Rob Fahey, Atari Blitzkrieg, Bowling for Soup, Keel, Mike OhMy, and many more.

As time went on it was apparent the a better setup was needed. So, in 2018 Prescott Studios was moved to the Atlanta suberb of Alpharetta/Johns Creek. The new loaction has soaring ceilings and a perfectly planned out space to acoustics and comfort. The studio is built around the Neve VR3 60 channel console running Pro Tools HD. 

Since the doors have opened the studio has been a magnent for some of the biggest up and coming artists in the nation. Clients have come in from all over the word to record at this award winning studio. The Neve console is a dream and is arguably the best sounding recording and mixing console ever made. The studio has a wonderful selection fo microphones, preamps, guitars, basses, keyboards including a real grand piano, drums horns and more!

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