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Live Instruments
including the famous Atlanta Brass


One way to make your music stand out is by using real instruments played by real musicians. 

Guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion, strings, and the famous Atlanta Brass is all available at Prescott Studios. 

David Prescott is an accomplished musician with the ability to play an unusually large number of musical instruments. 

The following are some of the instruments that David has played in recordings.

  • bass

  • guitar

  • trumpet

  • trombone

  • flugelhorn

  • piano

  • synthesizers

  • drums

  • percussion

Occasionally, other artists or musicians will be called in if needed. 

Atlanta Brass

If you ever have wanted to have horns added to your music, the Atlanta Brass provides world-class sound that is second to none.

Atlanta Brass is made up of a trumpet, sax and trombone. 


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