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Mixing & Mastering

Prescott Studios is known for high-quality recordings. The equipment rivals the top studios in the world.


A professional yet comfortable atmosphere and an acoustically treated room enable the capture of your best vocals and instrumental performance. 

1.  The recording engineer and producer

2.  The recording equipment  -  hardware/software

3.  The space and facility

4.  Budget

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Achieving a  great mix takes years of experience and knowledge regarding the many aspects and nuances of the craft.


Mixing properly begins with an understanding of the material and the intended audience.  You also have to understand what the artist has envisioned.  We encourage artists to bring reference samples of music they feel closely resembles the sound they are trying to achieve prior to tracking and mixing.


An experienced engineer will know how to make everything sound good together.  They will know how the vocals and instruments work together to complement the song.  They will understand which frequencies need to be cut or boosted.  They will know when and where to use dynamic processors such as compression and limiting.  They will also know how and where to use effects such as reverb,  delay, modulation,  and harmonics to get the best mix possible.


The mixing engineer needs to take all of the information given and turn it into what will eventually be a final mix.  At  Prescott  Studios, we take all of this into account and more.


Art and Science

Mastering is the final step in bringing your music to life. This final step takes arguably the most technical knowledge as there are quite a few variables that need to be kept in mind during the process. 

When mastering you need to consider where the audio will be used. Apple Music/iTunes Store, Spotify, Amazon HD, TIDAL, and other online stores/streaming services have varying requirements for their specific platforms. 

Additionally, the type of music plays a huge role when deciding on what type of finished master you are looking for. 

There are a number of online services that allow you to have your track mastered online. In many cases, this can work fine. However, at Prescot Studios, we are not of the opinion that one size fits all. Each song, EP, or album is unique, and we treat it that way. 

Contact us today and we will give your music the high-quality finish it deserves.

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