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A passionate pursuit of perfection



Prescott Studios is known for high-quality recordings. The equipment rivals the top studios in the world.


A professional yet comfortable atmosphere and an acoustically treated room enable the capture of your best vocals and instrumental performance. 

1.  The recording engineer and producer

2.  The recording equipment  -  hardware/software

3.  The space and facility

4.  Budget

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There are several important factors to consider when deciding where and with whom to record. If you are a solo artist,  vocalist, or rapper you have a  lot of options. Whereas a  band,  ensemble,  group,  it can get a  lot more complicated.


A good place to start is by deciding what you want as a finished product.  If you are looking for something professionally recorded,  mixed, and mastered,  you will need a  pro studio.


Once that decision is made you can more objectively look at where.    In general,  when you pay more you're paying for the experience,  better gear,  microphones,  engineers,  location,  acoustical treatment,  etc.


In every case,  pick the right tools for the job.  If you are looking to be a  Grammy contender,  recording in your friend's closet may not be the best choice.

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