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Professional audition audio and video recordings

Give yourself the edge

Auditions can be competitive and it's crucial to sound your best.

All auditions are recorded through our Neve recording console using the finest microphones delivering superb quality and transparency.

If you are a vocalist or instrumentalist where you use an accompanist we offer the use of our Christophori grand piano. 

We offer high-quality audio and video recordings perfect for schools, competitions, and professional auditions. 

Important things to consider

Recording space - 

Audition recordings require a properly treated room. The room needs to be free of ambient noises from inside and out. 

Prescott Studios has several rooms to record in. We will help guide you to the best room and acoustics for your particular audition. 

Recording equipment

Prescott Studios records on a Grammy-winning Neve console. It has often been called the best sounding console ever made. 

Additionally, we have an assortment of high-end microphones to ensure the capture of your best sound.


Sound Engineers

Having a professional recording engineer will handle the technical end so you can concentrate on the audition. The engineer will make the audition recording sound its best without making it sound overproduced. 

Video Recording

You video needs to be higher quality showing the entire instrument including technique. Prescott Studios will prepare for your session by setting up lighting beforehand. We will ensure that schools and other audition committees will both see your technique and hear a professional a professional  recording. 

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