Recording & Mixing



Our studio provides voice recording services to fulfill all of your needs; songs, poems, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. We record all kinds of music genres and use professional world-recognized audio recording equipment to produce professional results

We undertake each project with a focus on making recordings of exceptional sound quality that are consistent with the musical aesthetic of the client. Every project is unique and calls for specific tools and techniques to get the best results.

Main Tracking Room

Prescott Studios has a dedicated main Live Room which can comfortably accommodate a 5-7 piece band or a string section of 8-12 musicians. While the space is able to accommodate larger sessions, it is also comfortable for solo artists and singers working on overdubs and production. To that end, we have assembled a special collection of instruments, amplifiers, microphones, and recording equipment including a 60 channel grammy winning Neve console which has superb mic preamps and the famed Neve signal processing on every channel.


The backline offers a Christophori Grand Piano, guitar and bass amplifiers from Fender, Mesa, Marshall, GK, Eden, Genz Benz, Marcbass and Orange.

Drum Room

There is a dedicated drum room available with 12' ceilings with fixed and mobile acoustic panels.

The room is equipped with a Sonar drum kit with a Ludwig Superphonic snare and Zildjian Custom A cymbals.

Vocal Room

10'4" ceilings and variable acoustic treatment

Mixing - Control Room

60 Channel Neve VR3 Console

Main Tracking Room

Christophori Grand Piano, amps from Orange, Mesa, Fender, Marshall, Eden, Marcbass, Genz Benz

Drum Room

12' ceilings with portable acoustic panels



Sound your best

Prescott Studios delivers uncompromising quality when recording vocals, instruments, drums, and grand piano.

The Neve VR3 console is the pinnacle of recording perfection. Neve consoles are arguable the most musical consoles ever produced. The sound has been described as clean, warm, fat and punchy.


Mixed to sound it best across multiple platforms

Mixing is a combination of art and science. Our audio engineers 

  • Original scoring and production with both virtual and live instrumentation

  • Expert adaptive music scoring, design and implementation

  • State of the art sample based Digital Workstations for maximum realism in virtual scoring

  • Original music production including: song writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering

  • Album and soundtrack production, mixing, and mastering

  • Musical direction, budgeting and management of leading musicians, orchestras and scoring stages