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Rap Artists

Prescott Studios has a reputation as one of the leading studios in the greater Atlanta area when it comes to rap. 

Prescott Studios is located in an upscale neighborhood that is an environment that is safe and away from distractions typically found in many studios.

The studio is built around a Grammy-winning Neve console that sounds better and richer than anything we have ever heard.  Your beats, lyrics, dubs, ins and outs, and adlibs sound bigger and fatter than you have ever experienced.

The studio is an amazing control room which besides being the heart of the studio it is also an exceptional spot for pictures, video, and overall creativity. 

The vocal booth is comfortable and roomy.  All of the rooms have been acoustically treated to deliver outstanding audio. 

Prescott studios have worked with Grammy, Billboard, MTV, and BET winners to name a few.

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