Producing & Composing

David Prescott is an award winning composer, producer,  arranger. He has worked on countless albums and is known as a master multi-instrumentalist. 

With a background in jazz, r&b, classical, rock, latin, electronic and funk genres, David's diverse view on music makes his tracks and beats standout and sound innovative and fearless.

Beats & HipHop

Prescott Studios has an arsenal of tools it uses to create some of the hottest music today. Drawing from a mixture of both modern and vintage sounds we build amazing beats and backing tracks for a variety of genres. Of course we have all of the standards such as drums machines and samplers filled with the fattest 808 sounds available. We also use a variety of controllers and keyboards including Native Instruments Maschine and S series keyboards. 

When it comes to producing great music you have to think outside the box. Besides using the tools described above we have the ability to add live acoustic instruments to your music. A full grand piano, real drums, acoustic and electric bass and guitars, and live horns from one of the top horn sections around enable Prescott Studios to create some entirely original and new music. 

Click here to hear samples of beats created by Prescott Studios.

Song Producing & Backing Tracks

Original music production including: song writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering. Producing music for songs is something that really sets Prescott Studios apart. Our award winning composers and musicians can build you anything from demo tracks all the way to a finished album.


We work extensively with singer-songwriters, vocalists, poets, solo musicians and others who need high quality music created. 

Click here to hear some some Backing Tracks that were created by Prescott Studios

Scoring, Composing, Orchestration & Music Editing for film and TV

We have the ability to work on projects from small to large. Composing, orchestration and music editing are available and scaleable to suit the needs of the client. This can be for projects both large and small. We are able to work closely effectively with directors in maintaining their desires musically while staying on time and on budget. 

Music production for artists and soundtracks.

  • Writing to picture & jingle composition

  • Mixing and recording engineering

  • Post audio production: Sound Design, Foley, ADR, audio restoration, editing and mixing.

  • Session player: bass, guitar, piano, synthesizers, trombone, trumpet, drums, vocals (remote or at Prescott Studios)

  • Original scoring and production with both virtual and live instrumentation

  • Expert adaptive music scoring, design and implementation

  • State of the art sample based Digital Workstations for maximum realism in virtual scoring

  • Album and soundtrack production, mixing, and mastering

  • Musical direction, budgeting and management of leading musicians, orchestras and scoring stages

Click here to hear a few samples of music created for films and commercials.

Maschine - Studio

Native Instruments

Full Grand Piano


S61 Komplete

Native Instruments

Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys & Horns

Make your music truly original


Custom Intros and Outros for Podcasts can really help improve your branding. Prescott Studios will create a custom intro and outro that can be used over and over again helping you build your a consistent message. Your custom music will be created to fit the image and style of your business and podcast.