New Discounts

After several months of talking and planning on how to make our rates good for our clients we finally decided on a Pro Plans program. Initially, we were talking about making the discount much less than where we ended up. The entry level Pro Plan saves $360 per year and the top Pro Plan saves $2,400 over the span of a year.

Excited about 2021!!

To say that we are happy about 2020 being over is an understatement. We know that it is still months away from any type of normalcy, but we are in line to move forward as soon as it is safe.

One of our first goals is to bring in at least one or two more engineers. We have been talking to a few people of the last year, but we are really looking for someone special and that will grow with Prescott Studios.

Of course having superior engineering skills is essential, but we would prefer someone who is also a musician. Sessions always run smoother if you have someone working with you who understands songs, composition, harmony, and musicianship.

If you, or if your know someone who is interested in being part of an award winning recording studio please have them contact us at: 1-770-559-5099.

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