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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

David Prescott had a home studio before it was commonplace. Starting on tape, David has a keen insight into what really makes recordings sound special. In the 90's David was early into entering the world of digital audio workstations working with everything from Pro Tools to Logic, to Cubase, Reason and more. After working on and off in other studios for several decades David decided it was time to open his own. In 2012 Prescott Studios opened its doors in Columbia Maryland. The studio was built into a residential space where approximately 2,000 square feet of space was dedicated to the studio and lounge. The studio was immediately successful and drew award winning artists from all over the mid-Atlantic area.

While the studio did well, it was understood that there were certain limitations to the space. The most difficult part to contend with was the 8' ceilings. The control room also was awkward and not designed as a control room which made mixing difficult.

After several visits to the Atlanta area to meet with some industry people we made the decision to relocate Prescott Studios.

We wanted the studio to still be located in a residential setting, but with the goal of finding the right space for recording. After an exhaustive search we settled on a property in Alpharetta Georgia. Alpharetta is a suburb of Atlanta in the northern part of Fulton County.

The space was everything we could have hoped for and much more. The lower level of the space is a little over 2,000 square feet and has ceilings around 12' tall. The main room features a wonderful, full grand piano along with guitar and bass gear from Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, GK, Eden, Genz Benz and more.

The studio also has a dedicated drum room. The room has ceilings over 12' tall and drums record incredibly well. In addition the the acoustical treatment that is mounted on the walls there are also several movable baffles which can be used for aiding when needed.

There is also a dedicated vocal booth which is very comfortable and inviting. The vocal room was designed with 10' ceilings for optimal vocal recordings. The room is also an excellent choice when tracking guitar or other solo instruments.

The control is the center of the studio. It is built around a Grammy winning Neve console running Pro Tools HD. This Neve is arguably the best sounding recording console ever produced. The sound is wide, open and punchy. The room itself has been tuned to produce reliable results time after time. What you hear in the control room is what you'll hear delivered through any device.

The last room on the lower level is the photography studio/lounge. This space has multiple backdrops and professional lighting. Perfect for full body, head, and group shots.

If you haven't been to Prescott Studios we encourage you to schedule a tour. We always enjoy showing off the studio.

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