Parallel Lines

Pro Plans

Many of our clients come into the studio on a regular basis. The plans listed below are here to save you money while locking in your time each month.

Building a career and a catalog of material in the music industry is hard work, but incredibly fulfilling. Developing a working relationship with a professional studio is key in producing top quality material. 

All Pro Plans include the following

  • discounted rate*

  • priority booking**

  • full use of studio

  • audio engineer

  • monthly mini photoshoot°


*discounted rate - discounts very by membership. Discounts run from $360 to $2400 per year. 

**priority booking - Pro Plan clients have first choice when it comes to booking sessions. ​

°monthly mini photoshoot - Pro Plan clients will have an additional fifteen minute photoshoot each month. Client retains rights to photographs while granting permission for Prescott Studios to use for promotional purposes.