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Educators, Music Schools, Music Stores, and Music Nightclubs

We want to work with you!


We work with educators in a number of different ways. When it comes to auditioning regional and state and regional honor bands, having a quality audition video and recording is imperative for making the right impression. We enjoy close relationships with schools, music teachers, music stores, and other industry-related businesses.  

We receive regular inquiries where up and coming artists looking for lessons and assistance. As we build relationships in the greater Atlanta area we will be looking for quality educators in the area where we can feel confident in whom we are sending referrals. 

The same thing goes for music stores. We have a wide variety of musicians that come through our doors and we want to be able to tell them where we suggest they go for all of their musical needs. 

Music Student Auditions

We are experts in recording audio and video auditions and we offer a family-friendly environment for recording. 

Person in a music shop

Music Stores

A lot of musicians come through our doors every day. And, a we have our fair share of A-list celebrities that also frequent Prescott Studios. We work in conjunction with music stores, clubs, 

Music Class
Drama Students
Piano Practice
Violin Class
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