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Tips for Bands, Groups, and Ensembles


Recording your group is always exciting. The following are some simple tips to make sure you make the most of your session.

Guitars, Basses and other Stringed Instruments

Change strings before your session

If your instrument is going to need to be restrung, do it before your session. Bring extra strings as well. Nothing worse than having a string pop and you don't have a replacement. Prescott Studios has a fair amount of extra strings and sets on hand, but we might not have exactly what you want. 


Be on time. Drums typically take the longest to set up and soundcheck.


In most cases, drummers use our in-house Sonar drum kit for recording. We suggest bringing your own kick drum pedal, snare, and cymbals.

If you're bringing your own kit make sure it's ready to go. Check all heads prior to your session. 

Bring your own sticks, brushes, or mallets. Once again we have most of these items on hand but they may not be what you usually use. 


If you are a woodwind player make sure to bring extra reeds. This is something we do not keep on hand so be sure to be prepared. 

Keys and Synthesizers 

We have a wonderful grand piano that records really well. If you are bringing any of your own electric keyboards be sure to talk to us beforehand to make sure we have enough direct boxes present. 


Warm-up prior to your session. Do not drink anything cold before you sing as cold shrinks vocal chords. 


Be patient when recording a group. unlike a solo session, it takes time to set up all of the microphones and to soundcheck. If drums are part of your session it usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour before any real recording begins. 

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