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Bands, Groups and Ensembles


Prescott Studios is an amazing environment for recording bands, groups, and ensembles. The studio is located in an upscale neighborhood in Alpharetta Georgia. 

The studio has high ceilings and each room has been acoustically treated to produce the best sound possible. 


Main Tracking Room

Prescott Studios has a dedicated main Live Room which can comfortably accommodate a 5-7 piece band or a string section of 8-12 musicians. We have assembled a special collection of instruments, amplifiers, microphones, and recording equipment including a 60 channel Grammy-winning Neve console that has superb mic preamps and the famed Neve signal processing on every channel.


The backline offers a Christophori Grand Piano, guitar, and bass amplifiers from Fender, Mesa, Marshall, GK, Eden, Genz Benz, Marcbass, and Orange.

Drum Room

There is a dedicated drum room available with 12' ceilings with fixed and mobile acoustic panels.

The room is equipped with a Sonar drum kit with a Ludwig Superphonic snare and Zildjian Custom A cymbals.

Additionally, we have a fantastic assortment of microphones that when run through the amazing Neve console sound big, fat, and warm.

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