Video and Photography

HD multi-camera shoots and professional photography


Live Video & Audio PackageLive video and audio package - $500

Live Performance Recording at Prescott Studios

This is one of our most popular services. If your band or ensemble is looking for a live, multi-camera video along with high quality audio you have come to the right place.Capture your band at it's best using multiple cameras and audio professionally recorded and mixed.

We offer live audio and HD video recording at Prescott Studios using up to five cameras while audio is recorded using Pro Tools HD.


Audio is mixed separately and synced with the video. In most cases, for live shoots there is very little video editing that happens after the shoot. The video is shot using a live switcher where it ends up with a single video.


Includes the following:
  • use of Prescott Studios main room for shoot
  • 2 hours of multi camera recording
  • Professional lighting
  • HD audio recording using Pro Tools and Prescott Studios recording equipment
  • Audio engineer
  • 1 hour of video editing


Show your fans, clubs, concert venues and booking agents what you look and sound like, live!


Music Video PackageMusic videos starting at $250

We would love to shoot your next video. We can shoot a video from start to finish for as little as $250.


We can shoot in HD using our professional quality cameras and lighting.


Music videos shot at Prescott StudiosMany of our clients only require the raw footage and we are happy to accommodate them in any way we can.


If you are shooting footage for a music video there is considerably more editing involved. As with live video shoots the first step is to sync the video with the finished audio. Any B roll will be added next followed by editing, effects and any titling.


Please note that all recording of audio and video is done in-house and we do not offer any mobile solutions at this time.


Includes the following:
  • Use of Prescott Studios facilities for the shoot
  • 2 hours of single camera recording
  • Professional lighting
  • 2 hours of video editing
  • synchronize with audio


PhotographyPhotography and video - 100 per hour

Let us do your next photo shoot! We have years of experience using professional cameras and lighting to make you look your best. Photography is all done in-house anywhere in the studio. In addition, we have a space dedicated to photography where we have backdrops which is perfect for band and individual shots.


We use Cannon cameras including full frame cameras to achieve the highest quality possible.



video and photographic editing is $50 per hourAdditional Services - Video & Photography Editing

Video and Photography editing is $50 per hour. We use Adobe Premier, Photoshop and After Effects.



Prescott Studios is located in Columbia Maryland

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