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Videography RatesVideo: $100 per hourEditing: $50 per hourBRASS - WOODWINDS - STRINGS - PERCUSSION - PIANO - VOICE


If you are looking for either an audio or video recording, you've come to the right place. Auditions are important and a professional looking audition tape can help bring out the best in your performance.



There are several beautiful locations within the studio that are excellent for videotaping auditions. If you need a grand piano, we have a beautiful Cristofori full grand piano that has a wonderful sound and is a joy to play. We are constantly monitoring the tuning to ensure that it is always ready to be recorded.


We shoot in HD using Canon equipment.ᅠ The audio is recorded using Avid Pro Tools HD, and the video is edited using Adobe Premiere Pro.


The studio is equipped with professional lighting and video equipment. We also have a large clock with a second hand for auditions where that is required.


When finished, you will have a high-quality, high-definition video recording that can be delivered via web or DVD.



Tips for a Great Audition


Of course it really comes down to the musician or vocalist. What we tell our clients is to "Own It". Practice, practice, practice and make sure you are prepared. If possible try to memorize your audition piece. It may sound like more work, but it will pay off when noticed.


Search the web and YouTube for videos of others performing your piece.ᅠ The chances are that there are at least a few posted on YouTube.ᅠ This is a great way to compare what you are doing and see if you feel that you are in line with what is expected.


Whether you are auditioning live or recording a video, think about how you present yourself. Be early to your audition. If you are planning a college audition it can be a bit chaotic. It's a good idea to give yourself enough time to find where you need to go, warm up, and try to relax before auditioning.


When you introduce yourself or speak, try to speak clearly and loud enough to be heard. If you are truly prepared, use that as a way to help you build confidence when presenting.


Know the rules! Make sure you know what type of format the video needs to be delivered. Sometimes just a YouTube link is okay, while other times they will require a DVD to be mailed. They also may have requirements for how the video is shot, such as having no breaks in the taping or have a clock with a second hand in the picture the entire time. If you miss one simple rule, you may be disqualified, so be careful.


We know that auditioning can be stressful.  Having your audition recording or video made at Prescott Studios will make it less stressful, and much more fun.


Whether you are a vocalist or instrumentalist, we can help you achieve your best performance to capture for your audition.


We, the owners of Prescott Studios, are also parents to two children, and love working with students and young adults.ᅠWhether for a professional audio recording or a student video audition, students will be more thanᅠcomfortable here.


In most cases, you only get one chance to make that first impression, so make it a great one!


Students, along with their instructors or parents, are welcome to take a tour of the studio.


** Simple audio is audio recorded from the direct input from the camera with no processing.  In some cases this is what is required for audition tapes.


*Advanced Audio is where we record the audio and video separately. The audio is recorded through Pro Tools using state-of-the-art equipment and microphones delivering an amazing sound. This is followed by an editing session where the video and audio will be merged and finalized.



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