Singers, Rappers, Voice over talent

$50 per hour(includes engineer)Bring in your own music, beats or backing tracks. Let us run your vocals and music through our microphones, preamps and converters to give your recording the sound that can only be achieved in a professional studio.


The Studio Experience

The first thing you're going to notice when you come to Prescott Studios is the staff. We love what we do and it shows. We hear over and over again from our customers how much they enjoy working with our talented crew. The next thing you will notice is the studio itself. World-class professional gear doesn’t do it justice. For a complete list of our equipment click here.


We have worked with Grammy, Billboard and MTV award winners. Let us work on your next hit. Our engineers will bend over backwards to give you the sound you are looking for.


If you have been in and out of a number of studios over the years you probably know what to expect. At Prescott Studios you have the same signal path, microphones, preamps, software and plugins as pro studios in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Nashville.


Rappers and Hip-Hop Artists

Go beyond just recording vocals. We can add filters, auto-tune, drops, and other special effects to make your tracks unique. We always go the extra mile to give your tracks the edge they need to stand out from the crowd. There’s a reason why Prescott Studios is the “go-to-studio” for many of the major artists from the east coast.


Singers and Vocalists

We know how to get the most out of your performance. We are experienced in all genres of music and we love working with vocal artists. We are experts at adding vocals to pre-existing tracks and making it sound smooth and cohesive. We add dynamic and special effects to your voice to make it sound the best it can. We also offer auto-tune to touch up performances or to be used as an effect.




Voiceover and Spoken Word Artists

Corporate training, spoken word, meditation tapes, interviews and more can be recorded at Prescott Studios. We work reguarly with corporate clients, radio and TV stations, and individuals to assist them in putting together their projects.



If you are bringing your own beats or instrumentals and they are already mixed, great! We prefer if you bring your prerecorded tracks to your session on a USB drive. If you do need to email us content, do so prior to your session if at all possible. This will greatly reduce the time of waiting for things to download.


Solo Artists

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