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If you are looking to have Prescott Studios mix your tracks and you are not in the mid-Atlantic region we can easily work with you with our remote services . You simple upload your tracks/stems/session files and import them into our system. We will communicate with you about what you want your mix to sound like and we will do the rest. No project is too big or too small.


Your recordings need to sound great on the radio, phone, computer, cd, spotify, itunes, and amazon.


Drum replacement - We can make your drums sound great. We use ED, compression, drum replacement technology and our own studio magic.


Auto-tune and pitch correction - We use several different tools when it comes to vocal pitch correction. We can make it so you cannot tell that anything has been done to the voice, or we can go over-the-top extreme with auto-tune and other special effects.

We have the ears

Prescott Studios Control RoomMixing is a combination of art and science where the only thing that matters is how your finished product sounds. Every artist has a unique sound and it's imperative that it comes across in the mix.  If you are looking for huge and punchy or subtle and intimate we've got you covered.


We have the gear

We have the gear to achieve just about any sound that you can think of. Super warm analog gear along in a custom designed mixing environment makes it comparable with the biggest mxing houses in the world.

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Prescott Studios - Avid MC control surfaces


Remote Mixing

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