Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Recoding, mixing and mastering is $50 per hourThe first thing you're going to notice when you come to Prescott Studios is that we love what we do.

Book Your SessionThe next thing you will notice is the studio itself. World-class professional gear doesn’t do it justice.


Recording and Mixing

Recording, mixing and mastering - Prescott Studios control room.As a full member of the Audio Society of Engineers, we know what we are doing. We go the extra mile to make your recordings sound their very best.

Audio Engineering Society

We have a wonderful selection of microphones, preamplifiers, and effects to make everything sound professional. Whether you are recording vocals, keys, drums, guitar, bass or any other instrument you want to make sure you show your best.


Click here for our equipment list...



Ready for the big time

Finish your album or EP with mastering from Prescott Studios. Make your tracks sound polished and consistent across all platforms.


Solo ArtistsSolo artists - Vocal booth

Go beyond just recording vocals. We can add filters, auto-tune, drops, and other special effects to make your tracks unique. We always go the extra mile to give your tracks the edge they need to stand out from the crowd. There’s a reason why Prescott Studios is the “go-to-studio” for many of the major artists from the east coast.


Whether you have your own producer or are getting your beats off the web, we can help make them unique for you. If you're looking for Prescott Studios to produce beats for you you let us know. Click here to learn more...


We know how to get the most out of your performance. We are experienced in all genres of music and we love working with vocal artists. We are experts at adding vocals to preexisting tracks and making it sound smooth and cohesive. We add dynamic and special effects to your voice to make it sound the best it can. We also offer auto-tune to touch up performances or to be used as an effect.


Bring in your own music or have us create and produce something with you. We love working with solo artists!


Bands and Musicians

We love recording the real thing!


If you are looking for a high quality recording of your band, you have come to the right place! The main room is superb for recording drums and other acoustic instruments. There are two different drums kits and an assortment of high end guitar and bass amplifiers to use, all included.  We also have two  isolation booths for recording guitar and bass amps.


We can easily accommodate bands of almost any size. Drums and amplifiers are available, but of course you are welcome to bring any gear you may need. Click here for a list of our equipment.


Dru Hill and fans atPrescott StudiosDru Hill at Prescott StudiosThere are a lot of things to like about the Main Room. It has a great sound and has been acoustically treated, but that's just part of it. The vibe in the room is fantastic. You'll see why it's easy to get inspired while playing. The room has hard wood floors with various Persian rugs throughout. It is very comfortable and presents itself as the perfect environment to create and record.


Voice Over & Spoken Word

Professional voice over specialists and spoken word artists from around the world work with Prescott Studios. You will receive that rich, warm quality that you can only find in a professional studio. We provide our clients with their choice of CD's or the tracks emailed via dropbox. We can provide the files in a number of formats to be able to be used anywhere.


What is Included

When you are at Prescott Studios, the entire facility is at your disposal. An engineer is included in all sessions. All instruments and gear is available to use at no additional charge (photography and video gear are not included). There is a beautiful lounge along with a big screen TV and a wet bar. The refrigerator is stocked with soft drinks which are free. There is also a very nice, private, clean bathroom.



Prescott Studios is located in Columbia Maryland

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