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Student Auditions!

If you are a student or a parent of a student who needs an audition video we still have plenty of time to get them done, but don't wait too long! We offer audio and video audition recrdoing for students* for as little as $150. This includes one hour of video and audio recording and one hour of video editing.


Big News!! -

Looking at Music Videos Differently -

When we added video services to our list last year, we had the vision of creating professional looking music videos for our clients. To shoot a typical video would take multiple cameras and a crew to run them. Setup would always take time along with the shoot itself. After the shoot we would edit the video, sync up the music and finalize the video.  With this scenario producing a video could become quite costly, quickly.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding a new video system to the studio.  Initially, we will have three cameras which will feed into the control room where the video run through a switcher where it will be recorded, streamed live, or both! This will allow us to record video and audio at every session, on the fly without any additional crew.


A mixed video, along with video from each camera will be recorded. From there the client can have the option to have additional editing or to take the video as-is for later editing. We also plan on adding at least one additional PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) robotic camera over the coming months. All cameras will shoot in HD 1080p and will


As goal was to be able to provide, professional audio, and video at an affordable rate. It is crucial for every artist  to incorporate video into all of their marketing efforts. Putting together the great sound that comes out of the studio with professional video just made sense.


Live streaming has become hot! We will be offering the ability to live stream your session, or performance through sites such as facebook and youtube. Clients will also to have private shows where they send a link to their fans to view the live stream.


More to come!



New Rates - Starting May 1st

March 2016 -

Starting May 1st recording at Prescott Studios will $50 per hour. Songwriting will remain at $100. If you book your session before May 1st (even if the session is after May 1st) you will be able to do so with the current $40 per hour rate.


Most of our clients have commented that our rates are still incredibly low for the value they receive. But we did want to explain the reasoning for the increase. The main reason is to pay for the equipment and personnel that continue to make Prescott Studios special. We are always adding and upgrading our equipment so that we have the same gear as the top studios in Nashville, Los Angeles or New York. Our regular clients always notice our new gear and are constantly giving us praise as to how our sound, and more importantly, their sound is constantly improving and evolving.


New Gear - New ProTools

February 2016 -

There is always something new going on at Prescott Studios!! The latest gear is the new Maschine Studio from Native Instruments. We have been using the Maschine MKII for the last year. The upgrade is all in the hardware. The new unit is much easier and quicker to use. We've barely set it up and we are excited to bring it into our songwrting workflow.


The other notable hardware addition is a pair of mid-field monitors from KRK. The new Rokit10's are great for giving everyone in the control room a different way to monitor sessions, mixing and mastering.


Finally, we have added a few new guitar pedals to our growing collection. We have added the Way Huge Swollen Pickle which is a fantastic fuzz pedal. We have also added a Dunlp Cry Baby 535Q Multi Wah.


We recently upgraded to ProTools 12.x, HD. We have also updated all of our plugins and operating system on our studio computers. As of this writing we are running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.2. Also, with our addition of Native Instruments Kontrol S61 in January we also have upgraded our Komplete Kontrol.


We are excited to announce that we have added the entire Ozone 7 Advanced Mastering Suite to our ever growing collection of plugins. On the soft instruments side of things we have added the entire Composer Cloud Complete collection. This is an amazing library of the finest samples available. Everyting from orchestral to metal. These samples have been used in countless movies and soundtracks to any kind of music production.


To see a complete list of our gear click here...



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