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Music Samples

Below you will find a variety of samples from Prescott Studios.

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The Marilynds
Diesel (Lil Wayne and Chris Brown)
Ski Valentine


Michael Lindsay

Reginald Jenkins


John MacLean

Isa Carunungan

Paul Stevens


Lindsay Staniszewski

Brendon Thomas

Preston aka God's elect

Isaac Poku

Garrett Dome

Luther Baker

Bill Hunger


Millan Bhatt

High-Brid Band

Kausha Wells

Lisa Robin Lederman

Tokyo Cigar

Erick McEwen

Holly FM

Andrew Gottlieb

No Tell Motel

Makeda Rose

Dean Singleton

Em Jay

Mahmoud Jobe

Pauline Arrington

Ben Harrell

Radio Republic

Mahesh Ramanadham

Will Duball

Aramis & Athos

Pure In Heart

Steven Byers

Greg Dorsey

Dexter Bartholomew

Toby Octave

Richard McPhee

Eileen Bernstein

Keina Kennedy

Rick Fry

Frank Choi

Tammy Turner

Better Off Dead

David Lowe

I'm The Man Band

Dominic Dixon

Darin Young

Ryan Cox

Night Watch Project

Jarod Kems

The Shape

The Control

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