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Let us help you turn your talent and music into real money. music business consulting - 50 per hour

Years ago before CD's and the Internet the only way to make money with original music was by getting signed with a record company. Don't be a broke musicianThe problem with the way it was is that if a record company wasn't fully vested in your music you might now get any exposure or financial support. More importantly, it was incredibly difficult to get signed.


Since that time things have changed. There are very few record companies left and the ones that remain are struggling. Trying to get signed to a major label these days is nearly impossible. The small labels that are still around have very little money to put into their artists and for the most part it is up to the artist to promote their band.


The problem is that you end up having to practically beg people to download your song. You might think it's only $.99 but it is tough to get fans to download your song. In many cases they can find it for free, or someone may even send them your song, or your entire CD in which case you make nothing.


The other downside is that it cheapens your brand to have to beg people to pay such a small amount of money to download your song. Even if you sell CD's at your shows or online, it's difficult to get them to sell.

Turn your talent into money in the music industry.Good News!

The good news is that there are ways to make money. In fact, more money than you would through itunes or even selling CD's. In fact, there is a way to turn your music into something that will grow year after year.


If you are tired of trying to hustle downloads and CD's come in for a one hour consultation and we can show you how to make a lucrative career in the music business.



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