It's not finished until it's mastered


Mastering - science and art

$50 per song(includes engineer)In the broad sense, Mastering is the process of taking an audio mix and preparing it for distribution.  This is usually a process of balancing, enhancing, and correcting the audio (sweetening) to make it suitable to be heard across multiple platforms such as streaming, mp3's, vinyl, etc.  As a client you should expect your masters to sound warm, loud and full  consistently across any listening device.


The term "Mastering" has changed somewhat over the years. Originally recordings were cut to a wax disc which was considered the master. The masters were then used to make stampers which were used to produce the albums.


Mastering is usually performed on a mixed stereo track (pre-master). However, occasionally tracks or stems maybe needed if further corrections or changes are needed. The mastering is in the details of taking a good sounding mix and making it sound professional.


Prescott Studios uses a variety of tools when mastering including plugins from Universal Audio, iZotope, Waves and more.


Here is a link to the Audio Mastering page on Wikipedia




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