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Engineering, production, songwriting, theory and more

One on one lessons for engineering with David PrescottOne-on-one learning with an award winning professional


At Prescott Studios you can learn everything you need to know about recording and producing music.


Whether you are looking to become a professional engineer or if you just looking for a better understanding of how everything works we have you covered.


EngineeringAward winning musician, producer and engineer David Prescott

David Prescott is a full member of AES (Audio Engineering Society)


Learn about mixing, eq, compression, effects, and more. Find out how to get everything to sit right in the mix. Learn how to use parallel compression, limiting, side-chaining, and mid-side processing.


Take your music to the next level by learning the tricks of the trade without spending thousands of dollars.

AES - Audio Engineering Society


ProducingNative Instruments Maschine

As an award winning producer, David Prescott can help you learn how to build beats, songs and backing tracks.


Learn how to build tracks from the ground up using the newest and hippest techniques and tools available.


We use a variety of tools when producing quality music including Native Instruments Maschine, Komplete, and Kontact Ultimate. We also use live instruments including horns, drums, guitars and basses.


We can teach you how to make great music.



Have you ever wondered why the songs that you write are good but industry people still tell you they don’t sound like hits? Have you read songwriting books and watched all the tutorials on Youtube without them Learn the secrets the pros use with songwritingactually making any real difference? This top-line songwriting course tells you what other sources either don’t know or don’t want to give away – the concepts shared here are designed to finally bring the hit songwriter out in you. If you want to learn how to write hits fit for today’s artists or yourself, there is no better way than our hit songwriting course.


  • Learning how to craft powerful melodies and lyric ideas for your tracks.
  • Understanding harmony and melody movement.
  • Great Lyric Writing
  • In-depth Melody and Harmony
  • Using music theory for melodies.
  • Understanding melody patterns in pop music.
  • Harmonic and melodic intervals.
  • Different methods to start a top line – melody or lyric first?
  • Finding your own style and feet (creative exercises).


TheoryLearn music theory - Circle of 4ths

Along the same lines as songwriting we can get you up and running with a better understand of how theory works. Demystify what you hear on the radio. Learn how to make ordinary chord changes sound interesting.


This course teaches you the foundations of music theory from a classical music perspective in an engaging and straightforward manner.


You will develop the knowledge of music theory needed to become a better player and feel more confident writing for any musical genre - from classical to rock to electronic music.


You'll learn the fundamentals of reading sheet music, including pitch, rhythm, and key signatures. You'll explore rhythm and pitch, major and minor keys, and learn how they combine to create a melody. Finally, you'll expand your newfound knowledge and learn to write a simple melody of your own.


What you'll learn

  • How to begin to read sheet music, including pitch, rhythm, and key signatures.
  • How rhythm and pitch combine to create melody.
  • How to understand the difference between major and minor.
  • How to write a simple melody.



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