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  • Q. What kinds of music do you record?

    A. We record all types of music in all genres. Here is aᅠlist of some types of music recorded at Prescott Studios -

    • Alternative Music
    • Blues
    • Classical Music
    • Country Music
    • Dance Music
    • Easy Listening
    • Electronic Music
    • European Music (Folk / Pop)
    • Hip Hop / Rap
    • Indie Pop
    • Inspirational (incl. Gospel)
    • Asian Pop (J-Pop, K-pop)
    • Jazz
    • Latin Music


    • New Age
    • Opera
    • Pop (Popular music)
    • R&B / Soul
    • Reggae
    • Rock
    • Singer / Songwriter (inc; Folk)
    • World Music / Beats
  • Q. Can I come in to talk to you about my project?

    A. Yes, but it is by appointment only, Click on the Book your session now button below and select "Schedule a Tour"

  • Q. I have an idea for a song that I recorded on my phone; can you make it into a professionalᅠsong?

    A. Yes. David is not only a sound engineer; he is a multi-instrumentalist on staff to help you construct yourᅠsong. He helps you out each step of the way.


  • Q. What are your hours?


    A. We are open 7 days a week, from 10 AM until 10 PM, by appointment only.

  • Q. Do I need to bring my own gear?

    A. That is your choice. You are more than welcome to bring any of your own equipment. However, we offer guitars, amps, drums and pianos/keyboards that you can use at yourᅠconvenience while you’re here. This can be a great benefit if you don’t want to go through theᅠanguish of lugging your gear back and forth from the studio.ᅠYou can find a complete list of gear and instruments by clicking here.


  • Q. Do you allow drinking or smoking in the studio?

    A. You may bring your own drinks and drink in moderation. The studio is strictly no smoking inside. If you need to smoke you may smoke outside. Please clean up your butts.

  • Q. How do I book a session? How do I pay?

    A. Click on the Book Your Session, select how many hours you want to record and select your date and time. Enter your email and phone number to reserve the date. Payment is due at your session time. We take cash, creditᅠcards and PayPal. We do not accept coins or gift cards. No checks are accepted, unless priorᅠarrangements are made.

  • Q. Can we come in early to set up?

    A. No. Sessions begin at the time you schedule them. In most cases, we are either cleaning up after a previous session or setting up for your session. We run a tight schedule.

  • Q. Can we break up the 8 hour rate over two days?

    A. No, that is why we offer 8 hours straight at aᅠdiscount.ᅠHowever, starting May 1st, the rate will be a flat $40 per hour so there will be no benefit to splitting up time.

  • Q. Can I bring in food to the studio or order in?

    A. Yes, the Lounge is the perfect place for your breaks. You can bring in food or you can order from a local delivery pizzaᅠplace, such as Pizza Boli’s. We offer complimentary sodas and bottled waters.

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