FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Recording

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    Q: What types of music do you record?

    A: We record all types of music in all genres including, pop, rap, hip-hop, R&B rock, gospel, alternative, country, classical, EDM, bluse, jazz, new age and metal.

    Q: I have an ideal for a song that I recorded on my phone, can you make it into a professional song?

    A: Yes. We offer songwriting, arranging and composing services.

    Q: Can I bring my own gear?

    A: That is your choice. You are more than welcome to bring any of your own equipment. However, we offer guitars, amps, drums and pianos/keyboards that you can use at your convenience while you’re here. This can be a great benefit if you don’t want to go through the anguish of lugging your gear back and forth from the studio You can find a complete list of gear and instruments by clicking here.

    Q: How do I book a session or come in for a tour?

    A: Click on the Book Your Session, select how many hours you want to record and select your date and time. Enter your email and phone number to reserve the date. Payment is due at your session time. We take cash, creditᅠcards and PayPal. We do not accept coins or gift cards. No checks are accepted, unless priorᅠ arrangements are made.


    Q: Can I/we come in early to setup?

    A: No. Sessions begin at the time you schedule them. In most cases, we are either cleaning up after a previous session or setting up for your session. We run a tight schedule.

  • Songwriting

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    Q: I have some lyrics, can you make them into a song?

    A: Absolutely. David Prescott is the primary songwriter and has written for numerous bands and artists from around the world.  He can turn lyrics in a fully produced song or take your raw ideas and turn them into a finished song.

    Q: Do you create beats?

    A: Yes. We create beats in just about any style. We can work with you to create beats that are truly your own. Visit our music sample library to hear a small sampling. Most beats we produced are exclusive.

    Q: What instruments can be played in my song?

    A: David plays a number of different instruments including guitar, bass, keys, drums, trombone, trumpet and a few others. In addition he is able to play synthesized or sampled instruments. The studio has a huge arsenal of instruments including guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, horns, stringed instruments, amplifiers and more.

    Of course if it is an instrument that David does not play or if there is a better person to play the part there is always the option to bring in an outside musician.

  • Internships and Employment

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    Q: Do you offer internships?

    A: We do on a limited basis. We are a small studio so we are only able to take on only one or two interns and any one time. If you are interested in applying for an internship please email your information to

    Q: Do you have any job openings?

    A: At this time we do not have any openings. However, we are always interested in talking to potential future employees. If we do have openings we will post information in this space or on our contact us page.

    Q: Do you work with outside engineers

    A: Yes. We work with a number of freelance engineers and producers. Some of our clients bring in their own engineers and some engineers bring in their own clients. Please give us a call or contact us be email if you have questions.

  • General Questions and Info

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    Q: What are your hours?

    A: 10am - 10pm seven days a week with the exception of major holidays. By appointment only.

    Q: Do you allow drinking or smoking in the studio?

    A: The studio is strictly no smoking inside. If you need to smoke you can smoke outside but you need to clean up your butts, Drinking in moderation is allowed but you need to provide your own alcohol.

    Q: Offensive language?

    You are welcome to say whatever you want in the studio. We understand that we are all artists and we use different ways to express ourselves. Plus, let's face it, we are all musicians....we've heard it all.

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