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Recording music with multiple instruments, such as drums, guitars, bass, keyboards or other instruments.


$60 per hour(includes engineer)The Studio Experience

The first thing you're going to notice when you come to Prescott Studios is the staff. We love what we do and it shows. We hear over and over again from our customers how much they enjoy working with our talented crew. The next thing you will notice is the studio itself. World-class professional gear doesn’t do it justice. For a complete list of our equipment click here.


We have worked with Grammy, Billboard and MTV award winners. Let us work on your next hit. Our engineers will bend over backwards to give you the sound you are looking for.


If you have been in and out of a number of studios over the years you probably know what to expect. At Prescott Studios you have the same signal path, microphones, preamps, software and plugins as pro studios in Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Nashville.



We love recording bands! We record every genre of music imaginable and we have worked with bands from all over the world.  Rock, pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Metal, Ethnic, Blues,....we've done it all. Let us help you get your band or group sounding it's best. Of course we can do all kinds of magic behind the scenes that will make your recording stand out.


During the mixing stage we can add dynamic and special effects including filters and auto tune.



Instruments, amps, and drums

You're going to love the way we make you sound!


Whether you are recording everyone at once or layering tracks one at a time we've got you covered. We are flexible and fast. Prescott Studios has a generous selection of premium guitar and bass amps, drums, and keyboards. You can just show up with your instrument and not hassle with bringing all of your gear. We have guitars amplifiers from Mesa, Orange, Fender and Marshall. Bass amplification from Genz-Benz, GK, Eden and Markbass. We also have two drum kits, a Pearl and a Sonar. We have several different keyboards and synths available to use during your sessions.


Of course if you are more comfortable using your own gear we encourage you to bring it. If you want to see a complete list of our gear click here.



Be prepared. Do as much rehearsing prior to your session. If there is a specific type of sound you are looking to achieve it's a good idea to bring in some reference material. This was we can have an idea upfront of what you are looking for.


It's also a good idea to tell us as much about your session in advance. Let us know the type of music, what instruments, how many vocalists and how many songs you are planning to record.


Bands & Groups

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