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Audition Services

Students who are serious about music need to prepare for high-stress performances and build up a portfolio of audio and video recordings that best represent their artistry. Prescott Studios provides state-of-the-art recording equipment and an experienced engineer to insure that your recordings are the best they can be.


We believe that students should be encouraged to make studio recordings and perform on stage for their continued growth as mature musicians.


Prescott Studios has multiple recording rooms. Each is acoustically treated in a different way to provide a variety of sounds and ensure the best quality sound is captured (for your audition tape).


Audition Recordings

Getting into a top music school or conservatory is one of the biggest hurdles you will face as a music student and the Audition Recording will be the school’s first impression of you.


A great sound quality is essential to ensuring that the audition committee can hear how great you are without the distraction of technical issues related to the recording process and space. The recording has to be flawless so schools can properly assess your abilities.


Our audition recording service is going to give you the best representation of who you are. Prescott Studios audio/video recording services help you showcase yourself in the best possible way, so the schools you’re applying to can get the best and most accurate first impression of you.


Prescott Studios has great recording space, professional gear and instruments (pianos, marimba), classically trained sound engineers, experienced accompanists (when needed), and video recording.


Audition Prep

We offer consulting sessions to specifically prepare musicians for any recital, competition or college audition. We can offer advice on phrasing, intonation, style and much more. We have recorded countless auditions and we are here to help you capture the best audition recording possible.


Portfolio Recordings

Any artist has to create a portfolio. But for music students, it can be difficult to collect work because much of what they do is not normally written down. Singing, playing instruments and improvising produces no tangible result that can be collected into a folder. Therefore, music students have to start recording themselves and building their own audio and video portfolios.


Prescott Studios has a variety of services starting from simple to fully produced, radio-ready recordings.


Music Videos

Some schools require video recordings. Or maybe you want to build your own YouTube channel. Music videos can be as simple as one camera, one angle to very complex. In both cases you need quality sound because that is what you are showcasing.


Prescott Studios can help with all types of music videos while ensuring the quality of the recorded music.


Recording Space

For audition recordings, the recording space is very important and there are a lot of things to consider. The acoustics of the room will have a great impact on your recording. Also, make sure that there are no disturbing outside, or ambient, noises. And lastly, the recording space should have no distractions that would make you loose your concentration.


Recording Equipment

If you are looking to track music for College Auditions, we believe that you should only prepare for the actual performance and not worry about the recording equipment, how to run it, and all the other details related to running the session.


High-end professional equipment and microphones are utilized for audition recording sessions; ensuring the best possible sound is recorded and presented to schools.


Sound Engineers

A professional recording engineer can make your recording sound professional without sounding overproduced. The engineer can ensure that your recording is the best one you can have not merely acceptable. Prescott Studios has sound engineers who are also classically trained musicians who understand and know what needs to be done for audition recordings.


Using audio effects to enhance the recording is not advisable and some schools explicitly forbid it. The reason is that these effects can change the way you sound and schools want to hear the real you. On the other hand, there are a lot of things that can be done to enhance the recording without changing how you play and sound. When recording multiple instruments, the right balance between instruments is extremely important as well as making sure that the recording sounds great on any device.



Prescott Studios has access to accompanists,  teachers and musicians that can accompany you on piano, violin, percussion, guitar or any other instrument you might need Of course we encourage you to bring your own accompanist whenever possible.


Video Recording

The same as with your sound recording, your video should be professional. No shaky looking videos, videos with technical problems, or videos where the video and sound are not synced.


Prescott Studios will ensure that schools will both see, your technique, and hear, your playing, in a clear and professional way.



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