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Award winning recording studio


We have worked with Grammy and Billboard winners, record labels, and independent artists from all over the world.



Record on a Grammy winning 60 channel Neve console in a fully-automated studio, and you will have access to world-class equipment and  Pro Tools HD 12.


You'll enjoy the huge library of plugins, effects and virtual instruments along with many acoustic instruments including two wonderful grand pianos, guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums.


Singers, rappers, bands, songwriters, lyricists, solo artists love working here! Let Prescott Studios record your next hit!


Solo Artists

Bring in your own music, beats or backing tracks. Let us run your vocals and music through our microphones, preamps and converters to give your recording the sound that can only be achieved in a professional studio.


Bands and Groups

The first thing you're going to notice when you enter Prescott Studios is the staff. We love what we do and it shows.


We hear over and over again from our customers how much they enjoy working with our talented crew. The next thing you will notice is the studio itself. World-class professional gear doesn’t do it justice.



We have a great space and atmosphere for recording high quality podcasts. Comfortable setting for one or multiple people to record along with professional editing to make your podcast standout from the crowd. We also have music that you can use for intros and outros in your podcasts.


Video and Photography

In house photographer and videographer with professional cameras, video equipment, lighting and backdrops. We can do everything from photo shoots, to live v



We have several areas where we record auditions. We have two grand pianos and we can help you find an accompanist if needed. We can provide you with a high quality recording with or without video. We are experts in following the requirements for whatever audition you have.


Artist Development

We work with artists of all varying degrees of success in their career, helping them attain the next step toward their goals and assist them with packaging, music, photos, press and advice. Whether you are looking to improve as an artist or looking for ways to monetize your your art we can help. We can help you turn your passion into a career.


Full Service Recording Facility

  • Professional environment
  • Full service recording facility
  • Grammy winning Neve console
  • Award winning staff
  • Music for film and TV
  • Track entire band or solo artists
  • Guitar isolation booths
  • In house multi-instrumentalist
  • Pro Tools HD12
  • Incredible preamps
  • World-class microphones
  • Music writing and arranging
  • Vocal booth
  • Guitar and bass amps
  • Drum Kit available
  • 2 Grand pianos


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Solo Artists

Video and Photography

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