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Prescott Studios is the "go-to" studio for students and startup bands to multi-Grammy winning artists.


You’ll be recording in a fully-automated studio, and you will have access to world-class equipment and  Pro Tools HD 11 — one of the best studio recording software programs.


You'll enjoy the huge library of plugins, effects and virtual instruments along with many acoustic instruments including a wonderful grand piano, guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums.


Singers, songwriters, lyricists, rappers, solo artists love working here! Let Prescott Studios help you turn your project into a finished, radio-ready product.



Full Service Recording Facility

  • Professional environment
  • Track entire band or solo artists
  • Guitar isolation booths
  • In house multi-instrumentalist
  • Pro Tools HD11
  • Incredible preamps
  • World-class microphones
  • Music writing and arranging
  • Music for film and TV
  • Vocal booth
  • Guitar and bass amps
  • Drum Kit available

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